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2017 Audi Sport Quattro Price, Specs

The new 2017 Audi Sport Quattro will definitely receive the latest technology and outstanding innovative features, in addition to high specs. It will most likely have a wider scope of the market due to its elegant elements, which includes an impeccable and unique exterior & interior design and powerful drivetrains, making it an incredible and handsome vehicle.

2017 Bentley Continental GT Price, News

The 2017 Bentley Continental GT is set for release in 2017 with early snapshots of the vehicle showing that the car looks a lot like the twinned Porsche Panamera. Early pictures show that the rear doors on the Bentley are shorter. However, the hood shows a noticeable bulge which may indicate a V8 engine as opposed to the Panameras V8.

2017 Toyota Supra Review

Toyota already has proved to be a company that is open to innovation and constant improvements. In its wide range of different types of vehicles, the time has come for the true super sports car. That is how will be new 2017 Toyota Supra. Its production began back in 1978, but the current model and the first produced rarely have anything in common. At the beginning, this model was the same with Celica, but in 1986 is defined as a separate model. Sometime later, it received own logo. Because of common history with model Celica, people are often mistaken these two cars. As a true sport, fast, with incredibly attractive appearance, this car over the years found in many famous films and games. Some of the most popular are game Need for Speed ​​series and the films series The Fast and the Furious. This says a lot about the popularity of this model. In order to increase it even more, have been introduced some changes. We can expect improvements in fuel economy, as well as equipment.

Koenigsegg Regera Top Speed, Price

The Koenigsegg Regera is a two door plug-in hybrid super car manufactured by Koenigsegg, a Swedish manufacturer of high performance sports cars. It follows in the footsteps of some of the popular super cars such as Porsche 918 or McLaren P1, but comes with additional new features. The name Regera is derived from a Swedish verb meaning to reign or to rule. The car is designed as a more luxury, practical, and a supercar alternative to the rest of Koenigsegg lightweight supercar models. The Koenigsegg Regera offers a unique combination of power, luxury and responsiveness. Touted as the fastest accelerating and powerful car ever, this super car is definitely poised to dominate or rather be very competitive around a race circuit.

2017 Subaru WRX Specs, Price

The Subaru incorporates some small changes to their cars on an annual basis in comparison to their previous year’s models. On the introduction of a new model into the market, they always upgrade visual and mechanical features in the third year of production of the particular model. This upgrade is what they refer to as ‘facelift’ since the same model concept is maintained but enhanced with minor changes. After the elapsing of a 5-year production period, they produce a new model design that is superior to the earlier model. Subaru introduced the first WRX into the market in 2002. Over a period of 12 years, they produced only a wagon in the WRX series. However, this changed drastically in 2015 when they produced a magnificent WRX sedan. Since the company does not alter their model cars until a period of five years passes, the 2017 Subaru WRX is set to be an upgrade from the 2016 version. All their cars are excellent, and the 2017 sedan will not be an exception.

2017 Audi S5 Interior, Changes

The Audi S5 hit the market in 2010 after it was unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. Since its launch, the car has been one of the best choices for people who love strong and powerful vehicles. It is classy and luxurious and gives both the driver and passengers great comfort. A new model 2017 Audi S5 is in the production line. The new Audi will get a new design that will make it sportier than the outgoing model.

2017 Lexus LS Review

The Lexus has been remodeling its LS full-sized sedan all along. Since then, we’ve seen an aggregate of four distinct generations, each re-designed with the purpose to push the cutoff points of opulence in movement. Staying consistent with structure, the 2017 Lexus LS is required to at the end of the day come pressing with the most recent and most prominent, this time anticipating a hydrogen fuel cell for thought process power. Truth be told, with all the hydrogen-fueled models Lexus is reputed to be covering up, we will be amazed if the new LS doesn’t accompany a radical drive train alternative. With a few of the enormous European producers making progress into offering their hydrogen-fueled autos, Lexus ought to be moving rapidly to be among the first.

2017 BMW M5 Interior, Specs

We know what is your first thought when we mention the company BMW. It is Germany, quality, attractive design, comfort and safety. The company wants to add another synonym to its name – speed. To make driving even more fun than before, this famous producer will soon release to the market model named 2017 BMW M5. It is interesting that the first model by this name was produced in 1986 and for the standards of that time, it was the fastest sedan in the world. It reached speeds of up to 152 mph, which is, admittedly excellent result considering the year in which was made. Today, after many years, the company is again looking for speed. Beside speed, there will be some changes on this model which will make it even better and more popular. We can be free to say that this will be one of the sedans with the best performance. Besides the sporting side that stands out, it will offer more. It will provide luxury and elegance.

2017 Scion tC Concept

The 2017 Scion tC might be the new compact car in the third generation. This car will certainly be one among the many preferred styles in the automobile market. The buyers will soon start to enjoy the new model of this sport car as it is coming with the design many desires. What makes the rumors more feasible is the fact that the current tC that is in the market has remained pretty much not changed since the beginning of this second generation back in 2011 while the lovers of Scion are itching for a revamp. Hence, 2017 seem like the perfect time for Toyota to have an update on the Scion tC, which will definitely delight many of its admirers and fans.

2017 Infiniti Q60 Coupe, Release Date

It could be said that it is never enough of beautiful, fast cars. Even SUVs are practical and powerful; sports cars are gaining more and more popularity. Aimed at younger generations, but also to all lovers of speed, each of them attracts a lot of attention. This will certainly be the case with the latest 2017 Infiniti Q60. Although many complained that it remained similar to its predecessor, this model has evolved into a true sports sedan. Maybe concept of vehicle remains the same, but the look will be a little different. So we can expect an elegant and fast car that will confuse the competition. Some people compare 2017 Infiniti Q60 with the Audi A5, but the differences are certainly obvious. The path which transferred this car from concept to actual car was not easy, but exactly that’s the charm. One thing is certain, Nissan rarely betrays his fans. Below you will find further information on this model, as well as how much it resembles the former model.