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2017 Chevrolet Corvette Zora ZR1

As one of the main leaders when it comes to sports cars, Chevrolet has prepared several novelties for the future. One of the important ones is expected to represent the next generation of sports cars; the 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Zora ZR1. The 2009 model of Corvette ZR1 tale started up well and quickly became a favorite sports car. However, some revamp work was still required to fix certain problems and the famous Corvette ZR1 will return in 2017 with a new look and design. This car will be the eight generation of the ZORA Z1 cars.

2017 Audi S3 Sedan

The upcoming 2017 Audi S3 is going to come with global quality and perfection coupled with the stunning appearance that it’s made off. This is another great sports car coming from Audi with amazing functionality and wonderful improvements. This car has been built on the MLB platform thus making it the best as compared to the previous models. The Audi S3’s body is built with aluminum, steel and carbon fiber which add to its wide range of features. This new model is also expected to have a sporty look, improved performance and a better fuel economy.

2017 Ford Fiesta RS Price, Specs

In order to keep up with its excellent tradition and honor this reputation, the latest model will not disappoint in any aspect. The Ford Fiesta will give other models within this segment a run for their money due to it chiseled looks. In addition, the clever interior packaging, easy handling and solid build is sure to win over a lot of buyers. The designers of 2017 Ford Fiesta RS have blended in and excellent handling and family practicability thus making it one of the best sports cars in the in the market.

2017 Volkswagen Golf R

When you consider everything that has kept this sleek 2017 Volkswagen Golf R at the top it becomes surprising. Keep in mind that this hatchback is designed to accommodate five full sized passengers. Lastly for an introduction, this machine grips the ground with two hundred and eighty pound feet of at eighteen hundred rpm of torque. The six speed transmission comes in your choice of speed but with six gears in both manual and automatic. Let’s not forget about an all-wheel drive suspension system either.

2017 Porsche Carrera Redesign

The Porsche is set to release the 2017 Porsche Carrera shortly. The vehicle was previewed at the previous Frankfurt Auto Show. The big news about the model is that it features a new drive-train with new turbocharged V-6 engines. Read along to find out more;

2017 Maserati GranTurismo Sport

This 2017 Maserati GranTurismo will most likely become one of the most adored cars in the world after its release. This due to its smaller size compared to the other models. This model will provide luxury and comfort to its consumers. It will also be much better due to its high-quality performance and more appealing appearance. This car will also be irresistible and compelling as it is a convertible with curves in the right places. To all luxury and fast-moving vehicle lovers, this is the best choice of car to acquire.

2017 BMW Z4 Review

Since 2009 when it made the initial market debut, BMW Z4 has not seen any update. According to rumors, many people have been thinking that the company would cease manufacturing of this model. Surprisingly, the German automaker is planning to introduce a new model dubbed as 2017 BMW Z4. For the customers and fanatics who are thirsty for this new car, they will have something to celebrate as this compact luxury sports car is said to come equipped with latest technological advancement, new platform and a new engine. The model shall share the new platform with Toyota supra in future considering this project is a joint venture between BMW and Toyota. It is expected to be one of the most adored cars internationally.

2017 Mercedes-Benz SLC

For 20 years Mercedes’s SLK-class has been on the first place according to its popularity. But, we all know that everything from time to time starts to lose its “shines”, in this case, popularity. So, the company has been looking for some big changes, and now for sure we can say goodbye to SLK-class because we are going to introduce a new, fresh replacements Mercedes-Benz SLC-models, SLC300 and SLC43.

2017 Kia Forte Coup Release Date, Engine

The Kia rolled out new versions of Forte5 hatchback and 2017 Kia Forte Coup at the North American World 2016 Auto Show in Detroit. This automaker also did confirm that the slow-selling model, 2-door Forte Coup could continue in 2017; more details about the new Coup will be easily available later. Styling, technology, and powertrain upgrades summarize the variations to Forte5 and Forte Sedan 2017 models. Also, Forte Sedan major production relocates to Kia’s new manufacturing facility the Mexico City of Monterrey and is the initial built there.

2017 BMW M6 Coupe

Inspired by its popular sports car designs, the 2017 BMW M6 combines the power of its performance cars, superior control and premium interiors. Available in convertible or coupe body styles, this car equips one of the most powerful engines in its class which, combined with its unique dual-clutch manual transmission which makes driving, both a thrill and pleasure. It is the latest speed sensation from BMW Motorsports and is sure to amuse it’s the critics and its ardent admirers alike.