2017 Audi RS5 Specs, Release Date

The 2017 Audi RS5 is a serious sporty car that will be placed among competitive classes, among them the Mercedes-Benz AMG as well as the BMW M4. With such rivalry, this car will have a lot to its users. However, from the little information revealed, it is good to say that the car will hold its own design. Audi is planning to make this car with more improvements and features. All of these improvements will be applied on the interior design, bodywork and engine performance. Planned to be released next year, this vehicle will have an adorable design with the performance of a sports car and hence bound to attract a much younger generation.

2017 Audi RS5 front view

2017 Audi RS5 – Exterior and Interior Design:

Like the current version, the new Audi RS5 is going to be available as both a Convertible and a Coupe. It is expected to remain with the same body appearance found with the current RS5, but with more aggressive appearance features. Since it is an RS version, air intake vents and the mesh of honeycomb on the front grille will still remain as a main part of the design. To achieve the sporty design, the chassis has been given some streamlined features to help achieve the required speed without problems. The headlights are expected to come with an aerodynamic look after slight adjustments. Also, LED lights running during the day and the tail lights will be treated the same. The car will come with a length of 4.64 meters as well as a height of 1.37 meters.

On the inside of the 2017 Audi RS5 sports car, the most eye-catching aspects will be the RS flat-bottomed multi-function steering wheel as well as the RS ultra-sporty bucket seats. To ensure that the user get most out of the entertainment and he is provided with an abundance driving information as well as able to change and view the driving setting, a very huge LED display will come with this sporty car. Also, RS instrument cluster will ensure that even if your journey is so long, you won’t forget the experience given by this car.

2017 Audi RS5 interior

2017 Audi RS5 – Engine and Performance:

When it comes to the drive-train of the unreleased 2017 Audi, it is speculated that it will come fitted with a 3.0-liter V6 petrol engine that is capable of producing a 333 hp and 325 lb-ft of torque. Also, the car may surprise buyers with a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 and will have its power delivered through a six-speed manual, or a seven-speed S-Tronic twin-clutch automatic gearbox. Since the 2017 Audi RS5 is expected to compete with the mighty BMW M4 GTS, it is certain that the car will produce not less than 425 horsepower and users can certainly expect it will produce more power than the current model’s 444 horsepower.BMW M4 GTS, it is certain that the car will produce not less than 425 horsepower and users can certainly expect it will produce more power than the current model’s 444 horsepower.

2017 Audi RS5 rear

2017 Audi RS5 – Price and Release Date:

No official information is available about the release of the car, but it is expected that the 2017 Audi RS5 will reach market during the third quarter of 2016. Being among the bestselling RS versions, it is likely to see a small price hike. Buyers expect the 2017 Audi RS5 Coupe will be in range of about $72,000.

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