2017 BMW i8 Interior, Price

The release date of 2017 BMW i8 is anticipated to coincide with the hundredth anniversary of BMW. This sports car is set to be a pioneer in a series of the dynamic concept that will be constructed by the Bavarian Company. The design of this vehicle will be stylish and elegant hence acting as a symbol of royalty and prestige for its owner.  The interior is documented to be trendy with an athletic appearance on the exterior. The company has revealed that it will incorporate the latest technological features and innovations in this 2017 BMW i8 concept. Using the outstanding Germany efficiency, the BMW Company will produce a coupe with astounding engine capabilities.

2017 BMW i8 front view

2017 BMW i8 – Unique Feature and Style:

The car is likely to be lighter than the current version having a total weight of 3267 pounds. This reduced weight can be attributed to the framework of the car being constructed using aluminum and fiber materials. The materials are expected to be frivolous to enable the vehicle to reach higher speeds faster. The exterior will be accentuated by exceptional sporty laser headlamps at the front. Its headlights will feature beneath the bumper with an aggressive, professional appearance.

A butterfly grill will be incorporated with the standard BMW grill at the front hence increasing the bold, classy appearance. The massive bumper on this 2017 BMW i8 will give it a sturdy appearance enhancing its appeal to the customers who go for a high-stature symbolism. On the rear, there will be sharp-appearing tail lights complementing the sportier look of the vehicle. There are two butterfly doors installed on the vehicle completing its substantiation of being meant to be a sports vehicle.

The 2017 i8 will have active suspensions on big wheels enabling it to handle the significantly high driving traits arising from its commanding engine. The main body colors set to be available upon initial release is green, silver, black, and red. Therefore, customers will have a wider range of colors to make their selection.

In the interior, the 2017 i8 will have an athletic design. The sports seats will be upholstered and adjustable to enable its occupants to enjoy all the features installed on the vehicle. Since the car is meant for speed driving, its safety is enhanced by automatic airbags and sturdy seat belts. At the center stack, the vehicle will have an exquisite touch-screen display that will assist the driver to track and handle some of the features available on the dashboard.

This new BMW i8 model will have a flat-bottomed steering wheel enabling the driver to remain in full control at high velocity. Its infotainment system will consist of cellular phone connections, Wi-Fi, USB ports, wireless Bluetooth, and 4G internet.

2017 BMW i8 interior

2017 BMW i8 – Drivetrain:

The 2017 BMW i8 will have a 1.5-liter turbocharged inline-3 that will produce 357 horsepower. It will be manufactured with a nine-rated double clutch system that will have the capability to accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. The top speed of this concept car is set at 155 mph.

2017 BMW i8 side view

2017 BMW i8 – Price and Date of Release:

There are no specific declarations of the exact price of the 2017 BMW i8 sports car, but the market has set it psychologically at $142,000. It is set for release in October/November 2016.

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