2017 BMW M2 Review, Dependable Engine

During the last auto show held in Detroit, BMW revealed their new coupe known as 2017 BMW M2. The bid was seen as the effort to replace M1 series as the new model was seen to be inspired by M23i with a few features drawn from M4. M2 will have some unique features to differentiate it from other models. It will have sculpted bumpers, bulging hood and spoiler mounted on the truck. It will also be light due to carbon-fabricated body and M4/M3 modified platform. Major rivals include Porsche Cayman, Mercedes CLA45 and Audi S3.

2017 BMW M2 front

2017 BMW M2 – Rich Interior and High Quality:

Interior is expected to house some of the finest features as in other models from the BMW. The inner lining will be finished using high-quality fabrics, carbon fiber together with genuine leather. It will be designed to have two doors and capacity to accommodate 5-passengers. Occupants will enjoy sports black leather upholstery seats with M2 badges. These seats will have adjustable bolsters to hold the passenger intact when the vehicle is at a high-speed. Additionally, front seats will be electronically heated and ventilated. On the dashboard, the steering wheel will be covered with Dakota black leather; this will be extended to M-spec selector and in the kneepads. The dashboard panel will be made of carbon fiber. Behind the steering wheel will be the analog gauges and adjusting knobs. The Large screen display will be centrally placed and will be integrated with infotainment system together with a navigation system. Other distinctive features present will be M-laptimer. It will be recording engine performance, and other general vehicle information. Another important feature will be GoPro that will be operated with iDrive to enable lap timing. Safety will be taken care by incorporation of security application and gadgets employed in other models.

Looking on the exterior, the 2017 BMW M2 will have a distinguishable crafted body. The car will appear more aggressive and sportier. In the front, it will have a big grill with a honeycomb-like mesh together with double air intake slots. The air intakes will ensure efficient engine and brake pads cooling It has will have a centrally placed company badge and a redesigned bumper. On the rear section, there will be a diffuser integrated into the bumper and M2 designed quad exhausts vents. M2 will come with 106 inches’ wheelbase and 19 inches’ aluminum wheels. It will be available in a range of choice of four colors.

2017 BMW M2 interior

2017 BMW M2 – Dependable Engine:

The 2017 BMW M2 is expected to perform better than some existing higher trim models regarding power output. It is going to use a 3.0L, 6-cylinders engine with two turbochargers. The engine will be able to produce 365 horsepower at 6500 rotations per minute and torque of 343 pound-feet at 1400 rotations per minute. Power will be transmitted through six-speed manual transmission; this will be the standard version. There will be dual clutch 8-speed automatic transmission, which will be a customized option. The top speed will be 155 mph, and will accelerate from 0-60 in 4.2 seconds. Meanwhile, fuel consumption will be 33.2 mpg.

2017 BMW M2 rear

2017 BMW M2 – Rumors Date and Price:

2017 BMW M2 is expected to land to the market in September 2016 with a base price tag of $52,695.

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