2017 BMW M5 Interior, Specs

We know what is your first thought when we mention the company BMW. It is Germany, quality, attractive design, comfort and safety. The company wants to add another synonym to its name – speed. To make driving even more fun than before, this famous producer will soon release to the market model named 2017 BMW M5. It is interesting that the first model by this name was produced in 1986 and for the standards of that time, it was the fastest sedan in the world. It reached speeds of up to 152 mph, which is, admittedly excellent result considering the year in which was made. Today, after many years, the company is again looking for speed. Beside speed, there will be some changes on this model which will make it even better and more popular. We can be free to say that this will be one of the sedans with the best performance. Besides the sporting side that stands out, it will offer more. It will provide luxury and elegance.

2017 BMW M5 front view

2017 BMW M5 – New Features:

Appearance is the thing we usually first notice on the cars. Of course features are very important, but if they are completed with good looks, the pleasure is bigger. The new 2017 BMW M5 will certainly have both. Attractive and appealing, will steal looks on the street. What will remain the same as before is definitely a grid that is characteristic for the company and its design does not deviate too much. However, the size will be slightly increased. It is a wide grid divided into left and right part. Headlights will be quite broad, with the latest LED technology which will save energy. On the front side will be also modern bumper, a few inches larger than before, below which will be placed air-takers. On the previous models, we are use to see a side lines that highlights the design of the car so it will be here too. The roof of 2017 BMW M5 will slightly go lower towards the rear. The last part will be elegant, but it will also show the sports side of model. It will have two exhaust pipes on both sides.

As it get used us on a good external appearance, BMW has spoiled us with its interior. In the new 2017 BMW M5 sedan can be expected lots of space and luxury as well as a bunch of useful high-tech functions. The company is aiming at relaxed atmosphere and comfort and we believe that this will be achieved. Seats will be well distributed so the space between the rows will be sufficient for a high level of comfort. In use will be the finest leather and luxury soft plastics, but also chrome. Color which will most likely be used is black that emphasizes elegance. There will be a large screen size of 9.5 inch. It will provide the necessary information, and easy control of certain options. The 2017 BMW M5 will have keyless enter and start, as well as hands-free trunk opening. Connections via Bluetooth and USB will be enhanced.

2017 BMW M5 interior

2017 BMW M5 – Engine Performances:

The things which make the BMW brand excellent are the good handling and also good control while driving. The engine of the new 2017 BMW M5 will not disappoint anyone. It will be powerful enough to provide the necessary speed and classify this luxury sedan among the most powerful cars of the world. The engine that will be used is a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8. However, for this occasion it will be little changed. The power level will be increased so it will offer 560 HP. In addition, the Competition package will offer even more. It will include a power output of 600 HP to make this model competitive among the strong rivals such as the Audi RS6. Transmission will be a dual cluch with 7 speeds, and drive will be on the rear wheels. This model will be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 in just 3.7 seconds. It is assumed that the maximum speed will be 190 mph, but this has not been yet confirmed.

2017 BMW M5 rear

2017 BMW M5 – Price and Release Date:

It is understandable that car like 2017 BMW M5 cannot be adjusted to everyone’s pocket. It is expected quite high price in proportion to what this sports sedan has to offer. It will range from $ 95,000 and upward. This amazing car will be on the market in second half of 2016. Fans, collect the money, you still have enough time!

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