2017 BMW M8 Concept

Over the years, BMW has strived relentlessly to make sure that their loyal customers and the general public are presented with distinctive and select vehicles. As a symbol of marking its hundredth anniversary, the car manufacturer is set to introduce a brand new 2017 BMW M8. Since 1981, this automaker has been producing supercars that have marveled the customers and enthusiasts. The new model will be bigger and more luxurious than the i8. Nonetheless, the car is expected to be designed on the same platform as its i8 counterpart. It will be constructed using light materials like carbon fiber and aluminum hence improving its performance significantly. Also, the company has revealed that it will not equip M8 BMW with any hybrid engine.

2017 BMW M8 front

2017 BMW M8 – New Exterior Design:

The platforms of the i8 and the M8 BMW are constructed using designs that are significantly similar. Since the M8 will be built using magnesium, aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium, the BMW M8 concept will perform better with lesser fuel consumption. It will be more frivolous than its predecessors with a racing body consisting of smooth lines and great air intakes for ideal aerodynamics purposes.

On the front, the car will have an elongated V-shaped hood accentuated by an identifiable grille that will compliment its beastly look. The headlamps will have a trendy design that will be accentuated by the latest laser light technology. On the windscreen, the wipers will be rain sensitive. On the back of this 2017 BMW M8 will be an elegant and mild spoiler. Its redesigned diffuser will help in the maintenance of stability when the car is moving at high velocities. Also, the back will feature high-tech features mounted on a retro design.


The cabin of this vehicle is well designed to house two travelers comfortably. The seats are made from premium quality materials like Alcantra and leather making them comfortable even during long rides. For safety purposes, the car is installed with automatic airbags on the front and the sides and the seat belts are firm minimizing motion while in lotion. It is also installed with the latest high-tech features from BMW making the driving experience easy and enjoyable.

The cabin of the 2017 BMW M8 has a steering wheel that is outfitted excellently with the central exhibit. Furthermore, it has state-of-the-art control elements, an instrument cluster, and a centrally placed display. The well-designed infotainment system enhances the charm in the driving experience of the new M8.

2017 BMW M8 Interior

2017 BMW M8 – Engine and Top Speed:

The power train of the M8 is entirely different from that of the i8. The new BMW M8 will have a 4.4-liter direct injection engine with a Twin-Power Turbo mill. The engine will have the capability to produce a maximum power of 600 hp. It will have an eight-rated dual-clutch computerized transmission that provides the vehicle with enhanced acceleration capabilities. Therefore, the engine is expected to attain a speed of 0-60 mph in 3 seconds and its maximum speed will be 200 mph.

2017 BMW M8 rear view

2017 BMW M8 – Price and Release Date:

The release date of this excellent 2017 BMW M8 is expected to be in October/November 2016. The BMW M8 concept price will be around $300,000.

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