2017 Ford Focus ST Specs, Modified Design

All this years Ford has made a big success with its ST model. Almost all lovers of this beautiful car were asked, whether Ford is able to continue this trend also with new 2017 Ford Focus ST? Here is the answer! Yes, they are! Although Ford will not make some significant changes, new ST will definitely outperform previous model.

2017 Ford Focus ST front

2017 Ford Focus ST – Modified Design and Interior Specifications:

Exterior of this remarkable car will not be too much changed compared to the previous model. However, it will be several improvements. These improvements will make this car more powerful than the outgoing model. 2017 Ford Focus ST will have completely new chrome-themed grille. Also, this car will have and new redesigned headlights. Either front and rear lights will have new LED technology. One more change on 2017 Ford Focus ST is front bumper, it will be modified. On the back side of this remarkable car we will have revised bumper. Here will be installed all-new huge exhaust pipes. Suspension kit will also be replaced with the new one. New ST model will come with a 5-doors hatchback. Also, it will have completely new set of wheels.

Interior of ST will have more stylish design. Designers have tried to make good seating arrangement which will offer comfort to passengers, and they did it very successfully. This car will have a great and very comfortable and in the same time sport seats, brand of Recaro. Cabin of this car will contain high quality materials. It will have a dashboard with a clear view. Cabin of ST besides all will contain and: climate control-dual zone, a navigation system, windows and mirrors with remote control, cruise control and also rain sensor. Standard equipment will include and Smartphone and Wi-Fi integration. As for the entertainment system, 2017 Ford Focus ST will have a large touch-screen infotainment system. Paddle shifter system will also be a part of new equipment. Safety in the car is the most important thing, and the new ST will have improved airbags on the front and side. Also this car will have installed a collision alert system.

2017 Ford Focus ST interior

2017 Ford Focus ST – PowerTrain and Fuel Efficiency:

When we talk about engine, it is important to said that this car will come with two choise of engine. First one will be a turbocharged 2.0 L gas engine with four Cylinder. Transmissions will be a six speed manual. This engine will produce amazing acceleration from (0-60 mph) in 6.5 seconds. When it comes to fuel economy, this engine will consume 23,8 mpg in city, and 41 mpg on highway. It is expected that combine drive will consume 32 mpg. Second engine will be a diesel variant with 2.0 L TDCi. Fuel economy of this engine will be 33 mpg in city, 46 mpg on highway and 37,6 mpg in combine drive. Fuel tank of ST will be capable to hold 62 liters of fuel.

2017 Ford Focus ST rear

2017 Ford Focus ST – Price and Avilibility:

Average price of 2017 Ford Focus ST will be $28,948.

ST will be released in the second part of 2016 or at the latest in first 3 months in 2017 year.

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