2017 Ford Mustang Release Date, Price

The Ford has decided to step in the race with attractive super-fast cars, so they have made a very interesting model named 2017 Ford Mustang. This model has a tradition of more than half century, but over the years it changed and certainly improve. First was produced in 1962 and then had two seats but in 1963 it had two more seats. This model has always been a sign of luxury and style when it comes to Ford vehicles. It is interesting that this model was the first one which had look that includes a long hood and short rear deck. The new model will belong to the sixth generation of these vehicles. It will have changes on the outside, but also inside. The company’s aim is to revive the tradition of the Mustang as a super sports car, but this time in modern style. Besides looks, its engine will be improved for complete pleasure.

2017 Ford Mustang front view-

2017 Ford Mustang – Improved Interior and Exterior:

It is clear that a model like the new 2017 Ford Mustang leaves a strong impression. It looks hard, fast, attractive and elegant. A person who drives it could have similar characteristics. The structure of the car body is very strong. It will have the changes in details, but will basically remain the same as previous models. Its trademark is front part so here the changes will be the most obvious. The hood will be long and strong, and it will consist curves, but not as much as before. The grid will be slightly modified and will change the shape a little. Below it will be massive bumper and air takers will be wider than before. The headlights are definitely what give this 2017 Ford Mustang a striking appearance. It will have sharp shape to show aggressiveness and power, and will use the latest LED technology. The rear part will be decorated with the sign of a horse which is a hallmark of this model. In addition, there will be two wide exhaust pipes that indicate the power of engine. To demonstrate the sports spirit, this car will have a spoiler.

The interior of the 2017 Ford Mustang will be a very pleasant and comfortable. But that’s not all, it will provide to the driver a lot of accessories and a high level of security. Buyer of this fast car can expect a spacious cabins and seats upholstered with the finest leather. The steering wheel will also be covered with leather and will be pleasing to the touch. It can be expecting a good allocation of controls and clear information on the control panel. Touch screen which will assist the driver, will use MyFord Infotainment system which in the past proved to be an excellent solution. There will be a Power operated windows and Traction Control. Security will be improved with the possibility of introducing more airbags than two standards. This will be an additional charge. Entertainment will be enhanced with new audio system that will be compatible with external devices such as USB.

2017 Ford Mustang interior

2017 Ford Mustang – Engine and Accelerate:

The company’s model 2017 Ford Mustang sport car have managed once again to combine good handling and easy control of the vehicle. This car has a powerful appearance so it is logical that the engine has the same characteristic. To satisfy everyone, this model will have a couple of versions of engine. The first includes the 3.7-liter V6 engine that can produce 300 HP. The second version includes 5.0-liter twin-turbo four-cylinder unit that produces 435 HP. The most powerful engine will consist of a 5.2 V8 unit and will be able to produce 526 HP. Transmission will be automatic or manual, and it will have six speeds. The 2017 Ford Mustang will accelerate from 0 to 60 in 4.3 seconds. Exact top speed has not yet been released, but big numbers are expected.

2017 Ford Mustang side

2017 Ford Mustang – Price and Release Date:

Large numbers are expected when it comes to the price of 2017 Ford Mustang too. However, everything will depend on the type of engine that customer chooses. So the price will range from $ 25,000 to even $ 42,000. With respect to the performance and the good image of the car, the price should not be a problem. It seems that 2017 Ford Mustang will not be available for purchase until mid-2017. Waiting does not matter if we get a perfect product.

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