2017 Jaguar F-Type Coupe

The all new 2017 Jaguar F-Type combines sporty performance with upscale design at its best. All is set to make a smashing debut in the first half of 2016. Corrections made on the exterior include the LED headlamps, a revised front grille, air vent atop the hood, luxury wheels, 4-exhaust pipe, coup roof-line and much more. The new model F-Type will be built on the same technology as its predecessor, and will be lighter and more fashionable model for sure.

2017 Jaguar F-Type front view

2017 Jaguar F-Type – High Quality and Rich Interior:

The new model F-Type will deliver top-notch quality of materials, in the form of leather upholstery as well as modern generation devices. The sparkling new instrument panel that graces the center console is embellished with graphics and is accompanied by an infotainment system. The presence of comfy seats is bound to take convenience to a whole new level altogether. The drive technology is based on a V8 engine with a high output quotient. The basic functions that render a seamless driving experience still exist in the 2017 Jaguar F-Type. A combination of traditional, innovative and contemporary features are likely to attract more customers and make skyrocketing sales.

Contrary to Jaguar’s convertible model, which lacked sufficient deviation from the fundamental look, the coupe design of the F-Type instantly catches the eye. An evident feature that sets it apart from the basic model of Jaguar is the presence of a front bumper. This new bumper comes equipped with a quad-exhaust setup to enhance space utility.

Although sufficient information is not yet available regarding the interior detailing of the new model, sources suggest that it flaunts an attractive display of features. The lightweight seating silhouetted by quilted diamonds looks immaculate. Additionally, veneer inserts of carbon fibers, aluminum paddles, “SVR” graphics, as well as badges are likely to be a part of the F-Type’s interiors. The star attraction is supposed to be the steering wheel, which will hold a brand new look, with leather wrapping as adornments and machined paddles for extra support.

2017 Jaguar F-Type interior

2017 Jaguar F-Type – Specifications of Engine:

F-Type sits on a light aluminum platform and offers two engine options. The stronger engine F-Type R will be equipment with turbocharged by the same 5.0-liter V-8 engine with 550 hp that is present across all the performance-oriented sports cars, albeit with a horsepower output value equal to that of Project 7. However, it has a higher value of torque at 180 hp and an eight-speed automatic transmission with manual shifting conformation. The secound one will be 3.0 liter V6 engine with 380 hp. With fuel economy notching up to 18-23 mpg on city roads and 26-30 mpg on highway roads, it is one of those few cars that will deliver commendable performance on track. Its maximum speed is also high at 200 mph. The enhanced performance is the consequence of a low curb weight.

2017 Jaguar F-Type side

2017 Jaguar F-Type – Expected Price and Availability:

According to the latest rumors, new 2017 Jaguar F-Type will be introduced to the automobile market of USA in the first quarter of 2016. The base version of the 2017 Jaguar F-Type coupe starts at a whopping price of $62,395, while the convertible comes with a price tag of $66,395. 2017 Jaguar F-type couples the high-class comfort of a sedan car to the endearing performance of a sports car. It is packed with considerably enhanced features to drive maximum sales and take the worldwide automobile market by a storm.

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