2017 Lotus Evora Specs, Price

The 2017 Lotus Evora will be the first fruit of a newly stabilized company. Lighter, faster and more aggressive than ever. In short, the car will be new in almost every aspect. It is suspected that it will the best car ever to be produced by Lotus and hence the best to its users for driving. Lotus was an ignored product and was on their way trying to update their vehicle collection while still managing to sustain their expenses. However, they are returning to the market with their improved 2017 Lotus Evora. The car will have the important amount of energy and enhancement as the company is prepared to provide the best to the sports enthusiasts. It will be the most effective and efficient car Lotus has ever produced.

2017 Lotus Evora front view

2017 Lotus Evora – Exterior and Interior:

The 2017 Lotus Evora concept will represent a face-lift that brings an aerodynamic package that will maintain zero lift and will increase down-force at high speeds. The car will come with a weight of 3,075 lb and an overall length of 173 inches. The vehicle will have a masculine appearance because of its design that will resemble the formula one. It will characterize an extra aggressive front fascia with designed LED headlight and large vents. The users will also discover new tail lights that will be larger, diffuse and more pronounced added to the overall smooth lines and edges. There will also be a wing installed over the trunk door. This sport car will come with two doors. The car will come with 19-inch front wheels and 20-inch rear wheels whose total base will be 101.3 inches.

There is less doubt that the automaker will use top quality materials and fabrics for the seats and upholstery of the 2017 Lotus Evora. They will come covered in high-finish Scottish and Alcantara leather-based. This is definitely why its users will be able to enjoy maximum comfort and luxury of this vehicle. The automaker will also make this car a very modern version by installing a lot of latest technology and accessories. Satellite navigation, infotainment system, airbags and traction system are some of the features coming with this model. The cabin of the car will be sporty with two-tone dashboards and door panels. New lowered and narrowed door sills will guarantee simple entry to the cabin. There will be newly designed slender center console and a flat-backside steering wheel.

2017 Lotus Evora interior

2017 Lotus Evora – Engine and Top Speed:

Since the car will be designed to be a very futuristic and modern car, speed and power will be very important factors to consider. In order to achieve this, the car will come with a reliable and powerful engine. The automaker opted for a 3.5-liter engine that will produce an output of 400 hp and about 400 lb-ft of torque. Also, considering it is a sports car, acceleration rate must be put into account. This is why this car will only need 4.3 seconds to achieve 60 mph. The 2017 Lotus Evora sports car is also expected to achieve a maximum speed of 186 mph and will be paired with an automatic transmission.

2017 Lotus Evora rear view

2017 Lotus Evora – Price and Release Date:

The new Lotus Evora will be released to the market in early 2016 after it was officially presented at Geneva Auto Show in March 2015. It is expected that this car will be procured at a minimum price of about $100,000.

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