2017 Scion tC Concept

The 2017 Scion tC might be the new compact car in the third generation. This car will certainly be one among the many preferred styles in the automobile market. The buyers will soon start to enjoy the new model of this sport car as it is coming with the design many desires. What makes the rumors more feasible is the fact that the current tC that is in the market has remained pretty much not changed since the beginning of this second generation back in 2011 while the lovers of Scion are itching for a revamp. Hence, 2017 seem like the perfect time for Toyota to have an update on the Scion tC, which will definitely delight many of its admirers and fans.

2017 Scion tC front

2017 Scion tC – Inside and Out Design:

The external appearance of the 2017 Scion tC is something that will suffer redesign and improvements. The body of the car will get new dimensions compared to the previous models. The headlights will get brand new shape as well as rear fascia and the new bumpers. When it comes to the front of the car, it will get new makeovers, a detail to be discussed in the new brand grille that will enhance a lot in the new handsome and aggressive look of the design. The wheels of the car will be made up of aluminum while the mirrors will get a new design. Also, side air vents will be redesigned to be user-friendly. The car will come with roof-line and four exhaust ports.

The inside of the 2017 Scion tC will come with new and better look than before. Automakers of this version will truly do a good job by updating the security system. Anti-braking system, airbags and sensors are some of the important features that will come with this model. The seats of the car will get new style and design. They will be made from high quality products that will enhance they surface giving a classy and modern appearance. Carbon fiber will help the model to get natural leather in addition to the chrome accent. Bluetooth system, pone connectivity and USB cable television are among the features to expect in this car.

2017 Scion tC Interior

2017 Scion tC – Under the hood:

The 2017 Scion tC will come with a high performance engine as its engineers have tried to fine-tune its performance and ensure the ideal engine efficiency. The car will come with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that will deliver an output of 180 horsepower. Also, the gearbox that will be offered will come with six speed automatic transmission, but a manual option will be offered. Power output will be transmitted to all wheels drive system. Fuel consumption will be reduced to the minimum level so that the car will get another reason to be the best in its class.

2017 Scion tC rear

2017 Scion tC – Price and Expected Release Date:

The 2017 Scion tC sports has not been announced yet and the release date is not known. However, we expect that the new and improved tC will premiere during one of the major auto shows in 2016. We also estimate the model will be procured at about $21,000 for the base trim, whereas the complete trim will cost about $35,000.

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