2017 Tesla Roadster Specs, Performance and Fuel Consumption:

Everything is going green nowadays. Imagine a situation where no queuing in filling stations. It is just plugging in your vehicle like a smart phone, and it will take you more than 200 miles very comfortably. This scenario has been made a reality by American electric cars manufacturer, Telsa. Since they entered in the auto industry, they have transformed the industry by proving the world that it is possible to drive a fully electric car. One of their lines of production is Telsa roadster. The iconic sports car has not seen significant changes since initial introduction. According to the reliable information, the company is planning to introduce a new model dubbed as 2017 Tesla Roadster. It is said that the firm is going to ditch Lotus powertrain and instead use the newly developed platform based on Telsa S.

2017 Tesla Roadster Front

2017 Tesla Roadster- Interior Design:

Much of the interior according to the speculation will experience minimal changes. The company will focus more on increasing the vehicle performance. Thus, internal features may see little changes. If there will be interior changes, the vehicle will assume much of Telsa S model. In the cabin of new 2017 Tesla Roadster, we can expect the car to come equipped with premium-finished interior. It will have carbon-based seats with leather covering they will feature headrests and lumbar support. These are meant to cut the weight to increase the efficiency. The gear selector button can be expected to be to be upgraded. The dashboard will be equipped with great components. To the center will be a large display, 7 inches’ touchscreen. It will be showing vehicle’s real-time performance. The screen will also be used to operate infotainment system and navigation system. Steering wheel will be multifunctional to ease drivers work. Passengers will enjoy internal heating and adequate ventilation. Atmospheric noise will be shielded through the incorporation of silencers and modification of vehicles aerodynamics. Internal vibrations will also be taken care by adjusting the suspensions. Additionally, this sports car is expected to come with better heat shielding mechanisms to protect the occupants.

Exterior Design:

2017 Tesla Roadster will be a two-door sports car. Its body will be constructed using light materials. It will have two doors and electric windows. There is a suggestion that the company might change the powertrain, but this has not been confirmed. The front part it will be equipped with a small grille and bumper. It will be equipped with LED headlamps and fog lamps to minimize energy consumption. On the rear side, it will feature sleeker tail lamps and rear bumper. It will have come with 16 inches’ front wheel and 17 inches’ rear wheels.

2017 Tesla Roadster interior

2017 Tesla Roadster – Engine, Performance and Fuel Consumption:

The new 2017 Tesla Roadster will be fully electric. The company decides to use new Telsa S powertrain. However, if they continue with current one, the vehicle will be powered by electric motor with a capacity to generate 288 horsepower and a torque of 295 pound-feet. The power will be connected to a single speed automatic gearbox. Offer the vehicle will in either front wheel or rear wheel drive. Motors are going to be equipped with a 53 kWh lithium ions battery capable of propelling the car for a distance of 244 miles. Rumors are that the battery range could be improved to offer a range of 400 miles.

2017 Tesla Roadster rear

2017 Tesla Roadster – Rumors Date and Price:

This much-anticipated 2017 Tesla Roadster is said to be unveiled at the middle of 2017 with a base price of $155,850.

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