2017 Toyota Supra Review

Toyota already has proved to be a company that is open to innovation and constant improvements. In its wide range of different types of vehicles, the time has come for the true super sports car. That is how will be new 2017 Toyota Supra. Its production began back in 1978, but the current model and the first produced rarely have anything in common. At the beginning, this model was the same with Celica, but in 1986 is defined as a separate model. Sometime later, it received own logo. Because of common history with model Celica, people are often mistaken these two cars. As a true sport, fast, with incredibly attractive appearance, this car over the years found in many famous films and games. Some of the most popular are game Need for Speed ​​series and the films series The Fast and the Furious. This says a lot about the popularity of this model. In order to increase it even more, have been introduced some changes. We can expect improvements in fuel economy, as well as equipment.

2017 Toyota Supra front

2017 Toyota Supra – New Internal Design:

One look at the 2017 Toyota Supra is sufficient to cause a sigh. We are not alone in this opinion. A bit unusual, futuristic design of this model leaves no one indifferent. With appearance as it was popped out from some game or sci-fi movie, this car will give pleasure to all lovers of extravagance. It is possible that it would be a little higher than the previous model, but at the same time it will be lighter than it. This will be achieved by using lightweight materials such as aluminum and carbon. The thing which will make the design of 2017 Toyota Supra exciting are a bunch of air in takers which will be located in the front, but also on the sides. They will be followed by sharp passes and curves. The front side will also have plenty of sharp parts, and the headlights will be in the form of a wide line. Rear part is just as fascinating as the front. Here will stand tall spoiler and a very wide twin exhaust pipes. What will complement the whole look are big wheels, and it is interesting that the front will be size of 19 inches, while the last ones will have 20 inches. It can be said that the overall appearance will be based on the F1 concept.

The interior style of 2017 Toyota Supra sports car will be minimalistic. This decision was taken because the designers do not want any distraction from the pure driving experience in a superior car like this. It can be expected real sport seats that will provide comfort. It will prevail black as a sign of power and elegance, and the main material will be the leather. However, there will be possibility of combination of different colors with a basic black to achieve a true sports atmosphere. It is interesting that physical buttons will be decreased to minimum. This does not mean that the 2017 Toyota Supra will have fewer options than before, it just means that they are moved on the touch screen. It will be fascinating 10 inches so it will provide a good visibility and easy operation. Another advantage of the cabin will be good isolation in order to prevent excessive noise from outside. To conclude, the interior design will look costly and comfortable, and although cabin will not be too large, it will perfect accommodate the driver and front passenger.

2017 Toyota Supra interior

2017 Toyota Supra – Modifications in the Engine:

New 2017 Toyota Supra is a beast in appearance but also in the engine. Although it cannot be stated with certainty because it is still early, there are some specifications that are possible when it comes to this model. The engine will consist of a 2.0-liter twin-turbo inline 4 units. That is not all, there will be two electric motors that will send power to the rear wheels. Output expected from this combination is at least 450 HP. This will affect the great engine performance so it can be expected acceleration from 0 to 60 in just 3.6 seconds. Considering that this is one of the fastest cars in the world, should not be surprising that the top speed will reach the 190 mph.

2017 Toyota Supra side view

2017 Toyota Supra – Expected Price and Availability:

There is a chance that we will see 2017 Toyota Supra at one of car shows that is expect during 2016, but do not be disappointed if this happens at the end of that year. It can be said that the price will be quite grateful. It will cost about $ 55,000.

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