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2018 Nissan Z Concept

The new model 2018 Nissan Z will be an excellent vehicle and we can expect its arrival on the dealerships probably sometime next year. Back in 2014, the Nissan’s vice president, Roel de Vries said the successor of the well-known 370 Z’s will have a variety of engines, depending on the market of course. Then he says that we can expect the new Z model as a convertible with most likely turbocharged, hybrid engine. A year later, Shiro Nakamura, the senior vice president says that the Z-car idea required being reconsidered. After this, there are no more information’s, and now we just need to wait for more. However, in the next review, you can find out something more about the exterior and interior and possible engine capabilities.

Porsche Cayenne 2018 Review

The upcoming Porsche Cayenne 2018 is as we know the bigger model than newly Macan, and this newly model will receive big improvements. The future model will be the third generation of this beautiful, powerful and remarkable SUV, and we can expect it on the dealerships by the end of next year. This model is still in the early stage of developing but we have received some spy photos. The model will offer a lot of new things, amazing performance, improved dynamics, and fuel efficiency. We can expect new platform that we can see in so many models. The word is about the Volkswagen Group’s MLB platform.

Ferrari Dino 2018 Release Date, Price

The Ferrari is probably one of the best companies in the world when it comes to supercars, because as we know they have so many remarkable models including the future Ferrari Dino 2018. This model is a great model with a long history. As we know, the Dino name was used back in 1968 for the model with less than 12 cylinders. It was used for about 8 years. Today, we have great news and that is a comeback of this name for the brand-new model with six cylinders. So, the newest Ferrari Dino 2018 is anticipated to hit the dealerships by the end of next year. In the following review, you can find out something more about this less powerful but still very powerful model.

Porsche Macan 2018 Facelift

The most recent model from Porsche named Porsche Macan 2018 will hit the market very soon and according to Company, it will attract a lot of attention of potential customers. The exact date of its arrival is not yet announced, but some rumors suggest that we can expect it the last quarter of 2017. We can expect a lot of new things and redesigns for this model, both inside and outside. Also, the cabin will receive some new high tech features while the engine capabilities will be a bit improved. In the following review, you can find out something more about this remarkable model, so stay on this page because you are definitely on the right one.