2018 Mazda RX9 Cost, Expected Launch

The Mazda is probably the only Japanese car maker without a supercar, but if we consider this situation, becomes very clear that the company needed to stabilize after being separated from Ford. Now, when the company is stable, when it works very successfully, Mazda is going to release the new supercar for 2018, and it is about the 2018 Mazda RX9. So, if you love powerful, attractive and very fast cars, you will get the ideal vehicle in the form of upcoming 2018 Mazda RX9. Although there is a decent time remaining for the release, according to Mazda this vehicle is going to be quite impressive from the both, inside and outside, and it is going to receive very powerful engine as well.

2018 Mazda RX9 front
2018 Mazda RX9 – Stylish Exterior Design:

Certainly, is still early to talk about the design of the new model from Mazda, but maybe we can find the answer in the Mazda RX Vision Concept. What we currently know about its exterior, is that the new 2018 Mazda RX9 is expected to come in the form of the coupe with two doors. Also, the chassis of the upcoming supercar has received smoother lines which mean improved aerodynamics. Also, like every modern and new vehicle, and this one will hit the market with the chassis made of lightweight materials, which will provide better performance and improved fuel consumption. The exterior design will be such as to ensure the car is able to perform even in the most difficult situation. Furthermore, we can speculate, but the fact is that all newest vehicles from Mazda have the same front grille with big Mazda logo on the center. We expect that in the upcoming model that grille will be a bit lower than usual. Also, the headlights will be probably powered by the latest LED technology system.

Inside the cabin, the upcoming vehicle will come with a lot of great and modern features that shall use the latest technology. Also, passenger comfort will be given a very high priority, and we expect very good and strong supportive seats, as well as contemporary materials inside the cabin. Forthcoming model will hit the marketplace with two seats only. There are rumors that interior design is going to be in black and red colors, with metallic elements on a control panel, dashboard, and shifter. Vehicles safety is a top priority, and this model contains numerous safety features. Although we do not have official information we assume that new model will come with cruise control, seatbelts, airbags, traction control, rearview camera, and many others.

2018 Mazda RX9 interior
2018 Mazda RX9 – Under the Hood:

Under the hood, upcoming 2018 Mazda RX9 will be very powerful. It is expected to be powered by a 1.6- liter dual-rotor 16X which is able to power to maneuver about 335 kW or even 455 hp. As in the every newest vehicle from Mazda, and this one will have Mazda’s SKY-ACTIV technology. Thanks to the lightweight materials, this vehicle will come with very good fuel consumption and with improved handling. The engine will be probably mated to an a new twin-clutch, two-pedal six-speed transmission system.

2018 Mazda RX9 rear
2018 Mazda RX9 – Cost and Expected Launch:

The release date of the upcoming 2018 Mazda RX9 should be by the end of 2017 while for the prices we don’t have official information.

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