2018 Toyota Supra Price, Engine Specs

When you merge two large automotive giants such as BMW and Toyota, it is practically impossible to get a bad product. The best proof of this is the latest 2018 Toyota Supra. Although the car will carry the name of a Japanese manufacturer, a large part of it will be the work of the German BMW. With certainty it can be claimed that the company will provide a motor which is considered for the main part of the vehicle. There is also information that each company will have a car with a custom chassis that would present the successors. Finally, it is not important whose it is, it is important that it will be one of the most popular vehicles when it comes to fast cars. It is very noticeable F1 concept and the futuristic style of the vehicle. This look reflects the passion for speed and sports driving. Quite small but comfortable, packed in a quality with two doors, this car is the ideal solution for all those who love super cars. Besides good looks, it is expected very strong engine and modern cabin for the perfect atmosphere.

2018 Toyota Supra front

2018 Toyota Supra – What is Expected in Design?

If you like being in the center of attention, the 2018 Toyota Supra is just for you. There are vehicles in which is simply impossible not to make attraction on street and 2018 Toyota Supra is one of them. With F1 concept, this car will have a perfectly rounded lines to pass through the air with a little resistance. This is very important in the development of higher speed. Lines of cars are not only functional but also aesthetically beautiful. With a few sharp crossing, makes a real pleasure to the eye. It will be slightly larger than the Supra. In its manufacture will be used mainly aluminum and carbon. These lightweight materials will provide lower fuel consumption and easier reaching of desired speed. Dimensions will include the following: length of 177 inches, width of 72 inches and a height of 52 inches. The true dimensions of sports car! The front part is quite low and can be noticed similarity with GT86. On the sides will be air intakes that improve cooling of the car. Lamps will be updated as well as the level of the cabin, which will provide better visibility than before. Sports car is not complete without spoiler, so that the new Toyota possess one at the rear.

The cabin of 2018 Toyota Supra will not be too spacious but certainly cannot be denied that there will be comfort. The combination of black and red seems a bit aggressive and definitely encourages action. The leather is revealed as one of the most comfortable material for the seats and steering wheel, so it will be used here. There are small complaints that the steering wheel is not exactly in the sporting manner, but there are still opportunities for changes before the car come on the market. Pedals are likely to be made of aluminum. It is expected that changed control panel will have better readability than before. All in all, the cabin will remind to the F1, but with a little more comfort and luxury.

2018 Toyota Supra interior

2018 Toyota Supra – DriveTrain and Transmission Specs:

When it comes to engine of 2018 Toyota Supra, there is a lot of speculation, but it is certainly that high specs are expected. It is assumed that will be used V6 and V8 engines with four and six cylinders. The power that is expected will vary from 241 hp up to 473 hp. There is information that the strongest version will include gasoline electric unit with six cylinders. Rumors say that when it comes to engine features, it will exist different versions of BMW and Toyota. In that case, Toyota would have hybrid unit. More information are expected soon.

2018 Toyota Supra rear

2018 Toyota Supra – When Will be Relesed and How Much Will Cost?

Price of the new 2018 Toyota Supra will delight some. It will not be exactly low, but for a sports car of this caliber is certainly expected to give much more money. The amount that must be set aside for the base model will be around $ 40,000. Release of the model on the market is expected in two years. Biggest rivals of the mentioned 2018 Toyota Supra will be fast and popular cars like: Chevrolet Corvette, Porsche Boxster, Audi TT, Mercedes-Benz SLK and others.

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