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2018 BMW Z5 Review

Since the two automakers announced a partnership in January 2013, we could hear a lot of rumors about the updated Toyota Supra and also about the latest BMW Z4. But, according to Bavarian automaker and its Japanese counterpart, the Z4 is not the latest version, and instead of this model, this Company or this partner’s will create a Z4 replacement that will be called the 2018 BMW Z5. The approaching model made its first appearance during the cold weather testing. This model will probably hit the market with the new platform which will make it more aggressive than the Z4. Also, the engine capabilities are improved and we can expect very good performances. The exterior and the interior design are slightly redesigned and we can also anticipate very good technology features. The big unveiling of this model is going to be sometime in 2017 and we are going to take the first review of its exterior, interior, engines and price&release date.

BMW M9 Concept

In an effort to strengthen its class of sports cars, BMW is planning to manufacture an all-new mid-engined supercar. Going with the name, BMW M9, the new roadmaster will get a futuristic design featuring extravagant exterior, luxurious interior, and a powerful engine. Read on to learn more about the BMW M9 Concept.

2017 BMW M4 GTS, Accelerate Time and Top Speed

The 2017 BMW M4 GTS is best described as a high-performance sports coupe. The BMW have made it with highly responsive handling coupled with a comfortable and well-equipped cabin. The engine has also been improved and it will be turbocharged so as to offer more power. The market for sports car has been going strong over the years and BMW wants to capitalize on the new model.

2017 BMW 650 Coupe, Body and Designs

The BMW 650 is a luxurious coupe based on 6 – series models. It is one of the BMW’s flagship cars. Since the initial production, the vehicle has received a warm welcome in the market despite its highly attached price tag. Within the 6-series, BMW 650 can be awarded as the best performer. To step up their market competitiveness, BMW has unveiled an upgraded model known as 2017 BMW 650. It will have a beautiful looking exterior, technologically advanced interior with excellent features and reinvented engine that is more powerful. It will also experience some modifications and additional features. Touring enthusiasts will have something to celebrate once the coupe hits the market. Its main competitors include Audi S7 and Porsche Panamera.

2017 BMW M2 Review, Dependable Engine

During the last auto show held in Detroit, BMW revealed their new coupe known as 2017 BMW M2. The bid was seen as the effort to replace M1 series as the new model was seen to be inspired by M23i with a few features drawn from M4. M2 will have some unique features to differentiate it from other models. It will have sculpted bumpers, bulging hood and spoiler mounted on the truck. It will also be light due to carbon-fabricated body and M4/M3 modified platform. Major rivals include Porsche Cayman, Mercedes CLA45 and Audi S3.

2017 BMW Z4 Review

Since 2009 when it made the initial market debut, BMW Z4 has not seen any update. According to rumors, many people have been thinking that the company would cease manufacturing of this model. Surprisingly, the German automaker is planning to introduce a new model dubbed as 2017 BMW Z4. For the customers and fanatics who are thirsty for this new car, they will have something to celebrate as this compact luxury sports car is said to come equipped with latest technological advancement, new platform and a new engine. The model shall share the new platform with Toyota supra in future considering this project is a joint venture between BMW and Toyota. It is expected to be one of the most adored cars internationally.

2017 BMW M6 Coupe

Inspired by its popular sports car designs, the 2017 BMW M6 combines the power of its performance cars, superior control and premium interiors. Available in convertible or coupe body styles, this car equips one of the most powerful engines in its class which, combined with its unique dual-clutch manual transmission which makes driving, both a thrill and pleasure. It is the latest speed sensation from BMW Motorsports and is sure to amuse it’s the critics and its ardent admirers alike.

2017 BMW M3 Sedan

Looking for a sophisticated and high-performing sedan? Well, look no further than BMW M3. This car is developed from the BMW 3-Series, a category of cars well-known for their excellent designs and power levels. 2017 BMW M3 is rumored to hit dealer shops in the coming months, and we can’t wait to see what kind of a roadmaster it would turn out to be.

2017 BMW M8 Concept

Over the years, BMW has strived relentlessly to make sure that their loyal customers and the general public are presented with distinctive and select vehicles. As a symbol of marking its hundredth anniversary, the car manufacturer is set to introduce a brand new 2017 BMW M8. Since 1981, this automaker has been producing supercars that have marveled the customers and enthusiasts. The new model will be bigger and more luxurious than the i8. Nonetheless, the car is expected to be designed on the same platform as its i8 counterpart. It will be constructed using light materials like carbon fiber and aluminum hence improving its performance significantly. Also, the company has revealed that it will not equip M8 BMW with any hybrid engine.

2017 BMW i8 Interior, Price

The release date of 2017 BMW i8 is anticipated to coincide with the hundredth anniversary of BMW. This sports car is set to be a pioneer in a series of the dynamic concept that will be constructed by the Bavarian Company. The design of this vehicle will be stylish and elegant hence acting as a symbol of royalty and prestige for its owner.  The interior is documented to be trendy with an athletic appearance on the exterior. The company has revealed that it will incorporate the latest technological features and innovations in this 2017 BMW i8 concept. Using the outstanding Germany efficiency, the BMW Company will produce a coupe with astounding engine capabilities.