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2017 BMW M5 Interior, Specs

We know what is your first thought when we mention the company BMW. It is Germany, quality, attractive design, comfort and safety. The company wants to add another synonym to its name – speed. To make driving even more fun than before, this famous producer will soon release to the market model named 2017 BMW M5. It is interesting that the first model by this name was produced in 1986 and for the standards of that time, it was the fastest sedan in the world. It reached speeds of up to 152 mph, which is, admittedly excellent result considering the year in which was made. Today, after many years, the company is again looking for speed. Beside speed, there will be some changes on this model which will make it even better and more popular. We can be free to say that this will be one of the sedans with the best performance. Besides the sporting side that stands out, it will offer more. It will provide luxury and elegance.