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Renault Sport RS 01 Specs, Top Speed

The approaching Renault Sport RS 01 is a replacement for the Megane Trophy in the Renault World Series. According to Renault, the most recent model is almost second quicker per racing kilometer than a McLaren 650S, GT3-spec Ferrari 458 or Porsche 911. This model is expected to be constructed using the carbon-fiber monocoque chassis and thanks to that fact the total weight of the vehicle is reduced and the top speed and acceleration are improved. Some of the things they have to do are to add some weight, about 50 pounds, and more than 100 ballast. More interesting things about this remarkable racing car in the next review:

Renault DeZir Concept

The Renault is Company consisting of family cars, and there is nothing in their line-up that inspires sportiness. Maybe that is the reason why Renault DeZir Concept will be the vehicle with “supercar” performances and appearance. Back in 2010 when this concept was released at the Paris Auto Show, Laurens van den Acker was the chief designer of Renault. According to Renault, the Renault DeZir Concept is their example of a futuristic car, and we must admit that this concept is quite brilliant, so without a doubt, den Acker did a great job with this vehicle. The future model will be different vehicle from all Renault models so far, and more about its striking appearance, interior design and the excellent engine options in the next review:

Renault Alpine 2017 Exterior and Interior Design

The popularity of sports car rises day by day and at the moment, we can see many sports vehicles on the market. Almost every Company has at least one sports model in the offer, and that is the case with the Renault as well. Some of the general characteristics of all sports vehicles are sporty appearance, powerful engines, stunning performances, superb acceleration and top speed. All these things we can expect to see on the new model manufactured by Renault, more precisely, on the new Renault Alpine 2017. The upcoming model will hit the dealerships very soon, and we can expect much significant fact about it. The newest Alpine will come with splendid engine capabilities, eye-catching exterior design as well as beautiful interior design.