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2018 Toyota Supra Price, Engine Specs

When you merge two large automotive giants such as BMW and Toyota, it is practically impossible to get a bad product. The best proof of this is the latest 2018 Toyota Supra. Although the car will carry the name of a Japanese manufacturer, a large part of it will be the work of the German BMW. With certainty it can be claimed that the company will provide a motor which is considered for the main part of the vehicle. There is also information that each company will have a car with a custom chassis that would present the successors. Finally, it is not important whose it is, it is important that it will be one of the most popular vehicles when it comes to fast cars. It is very noticeable F1 concept and the futuristic style of the vehicle. This look reflects the passion for speed and sports driving. Quite small but comfortable, packed in a quality with two doors, this car is the ideal solution for all those who love super cars. Besides good looks, it is expected very strong engine and modern cabin for the perfect atmosphere.

2017 Toyota Supra Review

Toyota already has proved to be a company that is open to innovation and constant improvements. In its wide range of different types of vehicles, the time has come for the true super sports car. That is how will be new 2017 Toyota Supra. Its production began back in 1978, but the current model and the first produced rarely have anything in common. At the beginning, this model was the same with Celica, but in 1986 is defined as a separate model. Sometime later, it received own logo. Because of common history with model Celica, people are often mistaken these two cars. As a true sport, fast, with incredibly attractive appearance, this car over the years found in many famous films and games. Some of the most popular are game Need for Speed ​​series and the films series The Fast and the Furious. This says a lot about the popularity of this model. In order to increase it even more, have been introduced some changes. We can expect improvements in fuel economy, as well as equipment.