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Yamaha Sports Ride Concept Car

When Yamaha revealed its Yamaha Sports Ride Concept Car at its biennial Tokyo Motor Show in October 2015, the automotive world was set abuzz with excitement. Unlike previous concept cars, the Yamaha Sports Ride Concept Car was seen as a step forward in terms of design, performance and driver experience. Utilising the unique iStream system of famous F-1 Designer Gordon Murray, this unique car was touted as a super lightweight vehicle that could break through the, “final frontier in the automotive industry” of significantly reducing carbon emissions without sacrificing vehicle performance. Of course, there are many individuals who would rightly point out that such a vehicle remains nothing more than a mere ‘concept’, and to an extent they would be right. However, there are many more who would suggest that the Yamaha Sports Ride Concept Car proves that such a car not only exists, but looks set to enter the automotive market in the not too distant future.