Chevrolet FNR Concept

Unveiled at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show, Chevrolet FNR is more of a dream car meant to grab the attention of car enthusiasts. The autonomous electric concept vehicle is packed with all sorts of wild features and sports hypothetical technology. According to the American automobile manufacturer, the production model will be an intelligent car for tomorrow’s younger consumers.

Chevrolet FNR front
Chevrolet FNR – Exterior Worth Noticing:

Looking keenly at the FNR, you will recognize a futuristic capsule design from it. The concept seems to have been inspired by insects. However, the sleek appearance of a modern-day sports car is still evidenced in the upcoming Chevrolet vehicle. It lacks compactness which means that some sports car diehards may not like it.

In the front end, the Chevrolet FNR has crystal laser headlights, undefined grille and rugged bumper. The most wonderful features are on the sides. The wheels are pushed out to the corners and away from the body. The sides also feature dragonfly dual swings doors and lowly-placed mirrors. The rear end also gets crystal laser lights. In the interior, the sports car has front seats that can swivel 180˚ to face the rear ones. The production model is expected to feature leather upholstery in most of the interior components. The steering wheel is well positioned on the dashboard and the gear system conveniently installed on the lower center console.

Concerning the technology, the Chevrolet FNR gets a self-driving capability that uses an onboard sensor system and a roof-mounted radar unit. The car also comes with an autonomous mode featuring gesture controls and also a big curved screen on the dashboard. The display unit is compatible with a number of internet-connected functions.

Chevrolet FNR interior
Chevrolet FNR – Engine and Performance:

As mentioned above, the FNR will be an electric vehicle. The concept car features a magnetic hub and an automated wireless charging system. The production model may borrow the Bolt’s powertrain which consists of an electric motor rated 205 hp and 265 lb-ft and a 60-kWh battery. Moreover on powertrain, the sports car is expected to take 4.0 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph. The top speed is estimated at 186 mph. Users of the car will save on fuel since it is an electric one. Another good thing about the car is that it will pollute the environment less because it will not be using fossil fuels.

Chevrolet FNR side

Chevrolet FNR – Expectation, Safety, and Competitions:

The Chevrolet FNR will have a starting price of around $100,000. If there will be refurbished configurations, we expect them to fetch higher. The release date is not clear, but according to some rumors, the Chevrolet sports car could be available for sale in 2017.

The new car should get all safety and security features of a typical Chevrolet vehicle. You can look forward to seatbelts, emergency brakes, airbags, security alarms, and even more advanced features like adaptive cruise control, rearview camera, lane keeps assist, pre-collision warning and parking assist.

As it stands, the FNR is expected to face minimal rivalry. Some automobile pundits believe the car will face competition from Mercedes-Benz F015, Rinspeed Budii, and Google Car. This shows how the vehicle is an extraordinary one.

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