Citroen GT Concept

The Citroen GT was first launched as a concept car at the 2008 Paris motor show on 2nd October 2008. This super sports car was designed to replicate a digital world vehicle in the driving simulation game Gran Turismo 5. The partnership between Citroen(Popular French automaker) and Polyphony (The official designer of the “Gran Turismo 5” driving simulation game) finally gave birth to this amazing auto-car.

Citroen GT front
Citroen GT – Luxury and Elegance Design:

This muscular concept auto-car features taut, flowing lines stretched to its extreme. The car’s powerful look is enhanced by its pearlescent body work and the neatly drawn sides which are ribbed at the top. In addition, the car features a powerful front end with headlamps featuring blue LEDs; wide air intakes and carbon rear view mirrors which appear suspended in the air. What’s more? The huge and stylish wrap-around windscreen flows elegantly into the back airfoil and the roof with an amazingly long shape. It’s fast flowing lines bring out an impression of continuous movement and outstanding performance.

Special emphasis has been put on the flowing design lines and the aerodynamics to enhance the dynamics of this world-class auto-car. The sporting spirit in this car is embodied in its original architecture, the flowing design lines and its use of environmental-friendly technology. Besides the enlarged air intakes, this amazing car also comes with other innovative features, for instance, a flat underside and an air diffuser/ mobile spoiler at the back. All these technologically innovative features play a chief role in minimizing drag or lift in order to keep the car pinned to the ground even at its top speeds.

The interior of this world-class car welcomes the driver to an adventurous sporty driving experience. In few words, the interior design is just a confirmation of this car’s powerful and dynamic style. The cabin is designed to accommodate a driver and a co-driver. It embodies rich, high-quality materials with a state-of-the-art driving position, inspired by the Motorsports industry. The two padded seats in the Citroen GT’s cabin are upholstered in high-quality dark leather for an exceptional driving experience for both the driver and the passenger. The sporty feel inside the Citroen GT is enhanced by the leather-stitched floor and door panels. In addition, the head-up display gives the driver maximum concentration by enabling him/her to easily see all the information around without having to turn eyes away from the road.


Citroen GT – Power Packed Engine:

This sports car features a V8 Ford-modular-modified petrol powertrain 482 Kilowatts with around 500 hp and a 5.4 liters fuel tank. Its transmission is governed by a 7-speed circle sequential gearbox and its maximum curb weight is 3086 pounds. What’s more, the Citroen GT has a maximum speed of 211 mph with the ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds.

Citroen GT rear

Citroen GT – Price and Release Date:

Citroen confirmed its plans to produce a limited number of GTs for sale to the public in June 2009. Each car was to cost $2.1 to $3 million. The car has made several appearances since its launch.

Final Verdict:

The automotive industry is dynamically evolving will new top performing cars being introduced and re-modified to keep up with the stiff competition. The Citroen GT is one sports car that has retained its outstanding performance since its launch. However, we are still waiting to see any recent modifications to heighten its performance, design, and look.

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