Citroen Survolt Price, Luxury and Elegance

This vehicle is produced by Citroen and revealed at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. The Citroen Survolt is probably the most attractive car from Citroen Company and also most powerful one. It is a compact-sized car, based on the idea vehicle Citroën Revolte that was presented seven years ago at Frankfurt Motor Show. With its length of 152 inches, this vehicle is not too much large, but it is certainly very powerful. Engine capabilities of this model are excellent, and this model has great performances as well. So, when you combine very attractive appearance with the fantastic engines, you get the perfect vehicle, and Citroen Survolt is exactly that. In the following review, we will present you some great facts about it and also something about its exterior, interior, engine and performances.

Citroen Survolt front
Citroen Survolt – Luxury and Elegance of Exterior:

The exterior design of this model is brilliant and when you look at it, you can’t not to be delighted. Everything from the outside is just perfect, starting from the large front grille that is made on the oval shape to give the vehicle more appealing and elegant appearance. The headlights are slim and horizontal, and its design is inspired by a high-performance sports car, so we can say that designers did a great job in this segment. Furthermore, the headlights are powered by LED technology, which has lower power utilization than conventional filament bulbs. The front bumper of Citroen Survolt is enormous and well-shaped, located just a few inches from the ground, and here we can notice amazingly large air intakes that serve their purpose and help in engine cooling. The front grille of this model is made of aluminum, and it is shaped in Citroen logo. The complete chassis is made of lightweight materials, such as aluminum and carbon fiber. At the back, we can notice rear spoiler that will help to enlarge rear down force. In general, the exterior design of Citroen Survolt is very luxury, and we can say that this car is the perfect combination of sports car and high fashion car.

The interior design of Citroen Survolt is also gorgeous and elegant, and there are a lot of high-quality materials inside, with leather and carbon fiber finishing. The cabin is able to accommodate up to 2 passengers, and to give them a high dose of comfort and very pleasant ride. Inside, everything is luxurious and sporty, and the entire interior is very race based. The steering wheel is multi-functional, inspired by F1 steering wheels. Both seats are very sporty and comfortable and covered with the fine leather of course.

Citroen Survolt interior
Citroen Survolt – Engine and Maximum Power Output:

This model is controlled by a pair of electric motors that are capable of producing astounding 300 hp. The acceleration from 0-60 mph is just 4.7 seconds while the top speed is 162 mph. According to Citroen, batteries provide a range of 120 miles, and that is superb. This model offers all-electric drivetrain, but also has very sporty performance and this is not just good for the customers, but also for the environment.

Citroen Survolt rear
Citroen Survolt – Dispatch Date and Price Expected:

As we wrote in the introduction, the release date of this model was at 2010 Geneva Motor Show, and if you want to buy, we can say this perfect super car you need to pay very high, considering that its price is $1.8 million. But, this beauty is surely worth that money.

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