Ferrari Dino 2018 Release Date, Price

The Ferrari is probably one of the best companies in the world when it comes to supercars, because as we know they have so many remarkable models including the future Ferrari Dino 2018. This model is a great model with a long history. As we know, the Dino name was used back in 1968 for the model with less than 12 cylinders. It was used for about 8 years. Today, we have great news and that is a comeback of this name for the brand-new model with six cylinders. So, the newest Ferrari Dino 2018 is anticipated to hit the dealerships by the end of next year. In the following review, you can find out something more about this less powerful but still very powerful model.

Ferrari Dino 2018 front view

Ferrari Dino 2018 – Aggressive Design:

We have some spy photos from the testing and we will try to present you the appearance of this car as best as we can. When it comes to some details, the front side is probably the nicer part. Compared to other Ferrari models, this one will be definitely more aggressive. The headlights are fantastic, and it will be in some kind of L and boomerang shape (something between those two). Also, they are so thin, but on the other hand so strong. All the lighting on the vehicle will use LED technology. Some design cues will be borrowed from the Ferrari 488 GTB. The platform of this model is very good and extremely light. We can expect a lot of aluminum and even carbon fiber materials in chassis construction, which is excellent for the overall performance. We can expect to see unique wheels, short overhangs, as well as sleeker roofline. At the back, we can see large air intakes located on the rear bumper.

Inside the Cabin:

From the inside, this model will be probably very sporty and luxurious. However, everything here is still a mystery and everything is based on rumors and speculations. We, unfortunately, don’t have any official information about the cabin and the systems inside. Considering the fact that the starting price of this model isn’t drastically less expensive than the California T model, we can expect the same features inside. So, leather for all seats will be standard, and we can also expect some wooden and a lot of aluminum parts. Of course, flat-bottomed steering wheel with gearbox shifter on it is something normal for Ferrari models.

Ferrari Dino 2018 engine

Ferrari Dino 2018 – Engine Performance:

Underneath the bonnet, the Ferrari Dino 2018 will use updated variant of a 3.0-liter V-6 that we used to see in Alfa Romeo Giulia QV. This engine has 503 horsepower without upgrades. However, in the Dino model, we can definitely expect the max power output of 530 horsepower. Despite the fact that California T model has 550 ponies, the Ferrari Dino 2018 will be definitely faster in 0-60 mph acceleration. We can expect acceleration time of 3.3 seconds as well as the top speed of 200 mph.

Ferrari Dino 2018 side

Ferrari Dino 2018 – Release Date and Cost:

The Ferrari Dino 2018 will be most likely release sometime next year. More precisely, a lot of rumors suggest that we can expect its arrival in the last quarter of 2017, and that is also our assumption. When it comes to prices, this model will have a starting MSRP of around $200.000.

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