Honda EV-STER Concept

The Honda EV-STER first debuted at the Tokyo motor show and is the hybrid version of the S2000 model. It is an all-electric car that will have zero carbon emissions. There have been rumors that a gasoline version of this car might be introduced but that is yet to be confirmed. It will be a lightweight sporty convertible with relatively high performance and great handling and it is still on its concept stage. Honda is showcasing it at various motor shows so as to gauge the reception from car enthusiasts; before thinking of taking it in production. This car promises to be fun and offer a unique driving experience.

Honda EV-STER front
Honda EV-STER – High Quality and Premium Style:

The Honda EV is a two door car with no rooftop but it is expected that a fabric top will be made available. It is a relatively small convertible that stretches 140.55 inches with a width of 59.1 inches and height of 43.3 inches. The chassis is made of carbon fiber and is strong yet light. There is a front grille that merges seamlessly with the headlamps to form an open wing shape. Two air vents flank both sides and they are for ventilation on the inside. The sides are dynamically embossed and indented inwards with small vents placed that manage the temperature of the control unit. The rear has a bumper with luminous blue and green light alongside bright tail lights. 17 inch alloy wheels with a wheelbase of 92.5 inches will be standard and they too have luminous light strips. There is no cargo space offered as that space is taken up by batteries.

On the inside, the Honda EV-STER has two seats covered in leather and fine fabric. The centre console has high-tech gadgets and looks like something from a sci-fi movie. There is no steering wheel; Honda has replaced it with a Twin Lever Steering (TLS), which are two joysticks that move forward and backwards. They simplify driving, to move the car left one pushes the left joystick forwards and to the direction desired and the drive-train responds. To reduce energy consumption and increase the mileage that a single charge offers, the Honda EV-STER will have a dashboard made from solar panels. This sustainable mobility feature will power the electrical components in the dashboard, the air conditioning and infotainment aspects. The driver can customize motor output settings and suspension to offer a driving experience that suits them, this will be made possible by a digital speed limiting feature.

Honda EV-STER interior
Honda EV-STER – Powerful Engine:

Under the hood the Honda EV-STER will have 78 horsepower electric motors running on 10 kWh lithium-ion batteries that transfer power to all wheels. Fully charging the battery takes approximately 6 hours with a single charge capable of running this car for up to 100 miles. The top speed is 100 miles per hour with the capability to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 5 seconds. The joysticks offer exceptional handling and once a driver gets used to them driving this car becomes easy and fun.

Honda EV-STER Concept

Honda EV-STER – Release Date and Price Information:

This car was first showcased in 2011 in Japan; since then the release date has kept being pushed forward. It is expected to hit the market by late 2016 or early 2017 and Honda is yet to release pricing information for their electric sports car; the Honda EV-STER.

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