Koenigsegg ONE 1 Concept

When somebody mentions Swedish automotive industry, the first thought of most of us is the Volvo Company. However, there is also a company that makes something different cars, more precisely supercars. It name is Koenigsegg, and was founded in 1994. The last model, which caused the great attention even before producing is Koenigsegg ONE 1. This supercar is one of the most powerful in the world, and why is this so, you will read below. For a start it should be noted that the car is sold out although it is not produced. Yes, it is possible! Considering that production will cover only six units, not surprisingly, it was easy to find rich people who really want this car. According to rumors circulating, two cars were sold in Britain, and the remaining four in China. The model is named after the proportion – one HP per kilogram. With enormous engine strength, unusual name and low volume production, this car has become some kind of a legend in the automotive world.

Koenigsegg ONE 1 front

Koenigsegg ONE 1 – Premium Design:

Body of Koenigsegg ONE 1 will use the latest generation of carbon-fiber that will allow the car to become lighter. The overall appearance is adjusted to F1 style, but there are plenty of striking details. Aerodynamics of the car will be perfect. Quality headlights will be decorated with LED lights. Panels on either side are designed to help air flow, and the door will have air intakes. The rear of the car will be really fascinating. There will be a noticeable swing wing that complements the powerful appearance, but also helps when braking. The rectangular lights are also decorated with LED lamps. At the bottom will be the exhaust pipe system that will look quite strong. This is the first model from the mentioned company, whose roof is fixed. The front and rear wheels will have a different size. The front one will have 19 inches, and rear will be slightly larger – 20 inches. Carbon-fiber wheels will be much stronger than those from alloy, but also much lighter. The total length of the car will be 177 inch, a width of 80 inch and a wheelbase will be 104 inch. The total weight of the car will be a 2998 pound which is a great result.

Entering the Koenigsegg ONE 1 will be real experience for all the lucky ones who will have a chance to take a ride in it. Here also prevails carbon and fits perfectly with the external appearance of the car. The seats will be comfortable and safe. It will firmly tight the driver and front passenger. A sense of security will be increased by the belt-tightening on six points. Everything is decorated in a way that gives the impression of a real race car. Steering wheel will be comfortable and adjustable. The Koenigsegg ONE 1 will contain all the modern features such as wireless connectivity, rear camera and automatic climate control. In addition will also have a digital system for alerts and information, proximity key, 3G telematics system and more. From optional equipment can be expected key with diamonds, improved audio system, noise cancellation and more.

Koenigsegg ONE 1 interior

Koenigsegg ONE 1 – Powerful Engine and Top Speed:

It has already been mentioned that the Koenigsegg ONE 1 will be the most powerful car in the world. This owes to powerful engine that is unique in the market. It will consist of a 5.0-liter V8 turbocharged unit that will produce an incredible 1360 HP and 737 lb-ft of torque. This is why the Koenigsegg ONE 1 will not only be super but mega! It is expected specially designed dual clutch transmission with seven speeds. The drive will be on rear wheels. It is assumed that maximum speed will be even 273 mph. From 0 to 60 this car will take 2.5 seconds, and from 0 to 250, only 20 seconds. This engine will be able to use regular gas but also E85 and high-octane fuel. Whole unit will have weight of around 380 pounds.

Koenigsegg ONE 1 side

Koenigsegg ONE 1 – Estimate Date of Release and Price:

As we have already said, the examples of a unique Koenigsegg ONE 1 have been sold out even before they are produced. However, a seventh one, the prototype will be put on market after presentation. The price is estimate to be $ 2,850,000.

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