Maserati Alfieri Price, Top Speed

Although presented at 2014 Auto show in Geneva, the interest of the concept car Maserati Alfieri is not decreasing. Its release is expected on the market soon and there are a lot of expectations. At first look, it can be concluded that this car will be anything but boring. Named after one of the brothers who founded the company Maserati, it is celebrating 100th anniversary of the company (founded in 1914 in Bologna). Although some elements has been taken from other models (some parts in the design are from the Maserati A6 GCS / 54 and chassis is from the Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradale), one cannot say that it is not unique. This grand tourer with the 2 + 2 coupe concept will be very attractive in appearance but also in performances. The main characteristics that will adorn this car are reducing the complexity and increasing the compactness and aggressiveness. It seems that these characteristics are the main features of the Maserati Company, so there is no doubt in success.

Maserati Alfieri front

Maserati Alfieri – Improved Interiors:

We all know that Italians have a great sense of design. This applies not only to the automotive industry but also to fashion, architecture and many other fields. Therefore, there is no doubt that the Maserati Company this time done a great job. Maserati Alfieri has an unusual solution when it comes to design. Front grille is furnished deep and it contain a sign of the company. On the top side it is framed in chrome, but at the bottom, this material is missing so there is a sense of floating grille. The long hood and modernly shaped headlights give a dozen of luxury. Back part of the car will not contain metal parts. However, there are two large exhaust pipes and nice looking lights. The entire design shows a game with shapes and balance between the circle and the cube. Unlike other manufacturers, Italians do not want a massive structure, but models that will look even lighter than they actually are.

Interior of Maserati Alfieri concept will show simplicity which was the target. Here you will not find intrusive and aggressive structures, but will elegance. Details are those that bring effective appearance. Comfortable leather seats with modern design, will contribute to the pleasure of driving this car. Besides the seat, steering wheel will be in leather too, as well as the front passenger side, where can be expected even the signature of Alfieri which has been transferred from the paper and used as a logo. Some details such as the handle of the lever will be made of aluminum. It is expected a lot of advanced features to be enabled via modern touch screen. However, there is a possibility that the interior of the car will be slightly changed to look like other Maserati models.

Maserati Alfieri interior

Maserati Alfieri – Engine and Top Speed:

The company that will make the Maserati Alfieri is known for fast, racing cars. This tradition comes to the fore when we talk about the engine of this great coupe. It will consist of the 3.0-liter twin turbo V6 unit which we have already met in some other models like Quattroporte and Ghibli. This structure will produce up to 410 HP, but it can be upgraded in order to have an output of 450 HP. It is considered that the highest possible power will include even 520 HP, but it will require displacement bump. At the lowest power (410 HP), the drive will be at the rear. When it comes to more powerful options, it is expected drive on all four wheels. All engine options will use automatic transmission with eight speeds. The Maserati Alfieri will accelerate from 0 to 60 in just 3.5 seconds and a top speed will be around 185 mph. These characteristics will make the model competitive, considering the fact that there will be great supercar competition in next period (Ferrari, Mercedes).

Maserati Alfieri rear view

Maserati Alfieri – Price and Estimate Date:

Considering that in the soon future some of the best supercars ever will hit the market, there is no doubt that Maserati Alfieri will have a great competition. Some of the models which might cause problems are certainly Mercedes AMG GT, Jaguar F-Type and Porsche 911. When it comes to price, Maserati Alfieri will be around $ 100,000 which is quite acceptable for such quality. Its production is expected soon, during the year 2016.

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  1. Brian says:

    What a beauty of a car, wish that was in my budget!! Always wanted a Mas:)

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