Mazda RX-Vision Concept

Have you ever been carried away by the looks and style of sports cars? The sleek finish, the sparkling contours, and most importantly the amazing combination of technology and speed are the biggest assets of the new Mazda RX- vision concept that comes with an excellent sports car design. This car concept has beckoned the next generation of sports cars in the market under the able guidance of automaker’s skyactiv drivetrain program. With much to rant about its gallant looks and belief in its extreme high performance, here are the key factors to evaluate this edition of the Mazda cars.

Mazda RX-Vision front

Mazda RX-Vision concept – Body Style Changes:

The Mazda RX-Vision concept carries an aura with it. This two seater sports car is a front engine rear drive model. This car has a beautifully sculpted body contour that has been uniquely designed by utilizing the Mazda Kodo design concept. It comes with a grille opening similar to earlier versions. Its body is low and wide to suit the engine assembly intact.

The Mazda RX-Vision concept sports car has appreciable exteriors and awesome interiors. This car rides on a 106.3-inch wheel base and is 173 inches long, 67.5-inch-tall and 45 inch wide. The smooth body has short overhangs and comes with a long axle to dash ratio. Similar to the exteriors, the interiors are also highly defined, touch controlled, simple and clean. The mirrors have a shape suiting the body contours. The vehicle looks aesthetically designed with a leather trim and saddle motif on the central console.

Mazda RX-Vision interior

Mazda RX-Vision concept – Drivetrain Options:

The engine that will have 300 hp is the biggest plus point of Mazda RX. Though this engine model was discontinued way back in 2012, the new concept has given high hopes for Mazda to come up with a new sports car model. Hence a turbo compressor based engine that requires more torque at low speed is the planned design. With the designs in the final stage and for certification this Mazda car will be ready to take off the sports car league with a bang.

Mazda RX-Vision rear view

Mazda RX-Vision concept – The Reveal and Price:

The Mazda RX-vision concept was introduced in Tokyo automobile show. With their brilliant exterior and interior designs and high quality body, this car is sure to cost a bomb when made in reality. Speculations tell that it could be released anytime in the second half of 2016 or late 2017 based on the approvals. Since factory model has not been designed, prices are not yet fixed for this wonder car. A regular checking will help you to know the price as soon as it is decided and declared.

The sports cars drive its fans like crazy. Especially after the Mazda RX-8, enthusiastic car lovers are eagerly awaiting the Mazda RX-vision concept to turn into a real car in blazing colors painting the roads red orange and pink with their speed and efficiency.

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