Porsche Macan 2018 Facelift

The most recent model from Porsche named Porsche Macan 2018 will hit the market very soon and according to Company, it will attract a lot of attention of potential customers. The exact date of its arrival is not yet announced, but some rumors suggest that we can expect it the last quarter of 2017. We can expect a lot of new things and redesigns for this model, both inside and outside. Also, the cabin will receive some new high tech features while the engine capabilities will be a bit improved. In the following review, you can find out something more about this remarkable model, so stay on this page because you are definitely on the right one. 

Porsche Macan 2018 front

Porsche Macan 2018 – Objectives of Facelift:

From the outside, the newly Porsche Macan 2018 will be very appealing. Compared to the previous model, this one will be definitely more stylish and we can expect some redesigns here. At the first glance, this model will be a great choice for a younger population. When it comes to some specific details from the outside, the front fascia of this vehicle will get some minor tweaks but however nothing too much notable. Here we can notice nicely designed headlights with the same shape as before, but with the updated LED technology. Also, the notable change at the front fascia will be louvered front side panel.

The bumper is also slightly modified and it is equipped with the LED powered fog lights. When we look this model from the profile side, we can see large aluminum wheels that will be 19 inches large. From the rear, this model will remain pretty much unchanged.

Interior Design:

The interior design of the Porsche Macan 2018 will be so luxurious, but we used to see that from Porsche. Also, the cabin will be capable of accommodating up to five passengers by providing them a high level of comfort. All the seats will be covered with the leather and that will be standard upholstery material. Also, we can see leather on the door trims and steering wheel as well.

The steering wheel will be multifunctional and you can control the infotainment system trough the steering wheel. Mentioned infotainment system will be updated for the new model, and thanks to that fact the entertainment in the cabin will be on the higher level. At the center of the dash, we can notice 4.8 touchscreen display. Some of the other standard interior features will include dual zone climate control, great audio system, adaptive cruise control, a lot of options for connectivity and a lot of safety systems.

Porsche Macan 2018 interior view

Porsche Macan 2018 – Powertrain Info:

The recently developed Porsche Macan 2018 will have few engines on the offer. For example, the Macan S model will be powered by a 3.0-litre V6 turbo diesel engine. This engine will have a max power output of 360 horsepower. The next engine is stronger, and the word is about the 3.6-litre twin turbo engine. This one will be capable of generating up to 400 horsepower and 406-pound-feet torque. Both engines will be paired with the 7-speed transmission system. Also, both engine will have 4WD.

Porsche Macan 2018 rear

Porsche Macan 2018 – Production and MSRP:

The release date of the imminent Porsche Macan 2018 will be probably in the second half of the next year. The last quarter of the year is most likely. When it comes to prices, this model will have a starting MSRP of around $53.000.

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