Renault DeZir Concept

The Renault is Company consisting of family cars, and there is nothing in their line-up that inspires sportiness. Maybe that is the reason why Renault DeZir Concept will be the vehicle with “supercar” performances and appearance. Back in 2010 when this concept was released at the Paris Auto Show, Laurens van den Acker was the chief designer of Renault. According to Renault, the Renault DeZir Concept is their example of a futuristic car, and we must admit that this concept is quite brilliant, so without a doubt, den Acker did a great job with this vehicle. The future model will be different vehicle from all Renault models so far, and more about its striking appearance, interior design and the excellent engine options in the next review:

Renault DeZir Concept front
Renault DeZir Concept – Beautiful Red Color Design:

This is the first project of Laurens van den Acker, and maybe that explains the brand’s new philosophy about the design. The exterior design of the most recent DeZir Concept is something which is quite different from all Renault vehicles so far. The front fascia and the rear end will be entirely new, and the appearance of this model will be very attractive. At the front, we can notice nicely designed front grille with horizontal bars and distinctive Renault diamond logo. Below the grille, we can see small rounded fog lights while the headlights will be integrated into the grille. The anticipated Renault DeZir Concept will ride on amazingly huge and beautiful designed five spoke alloy wheels size 22 inches. Furthermore, the doors will be one more well-designed part because on the driver side the scissor doorways will be front-hinged while on the passenger side will be rear-hinged. In general, this concept is real refreshment in the Renault line-up, and all the compliments for that go to van den,Acker.

Inside the cabin, Renault DeZir Concept will be so futuristic that you will have the feeling that the outside is 2030 year. Obviously, this is not the case, and the approaching model will provide a remarkable interior design with a lot of high-tech features. The cabin will be able to accommodate two passengers and to provide them endless pleasure and top comfort. The absence of a back window is compensated by the fitment of two back-facing cameras that provides a panoramic view of what is happening behind the car.

Renault DeZir Concept interior
Renault DeZir Concept – Engine and Driving Range:

The latest Renault DeZir Concept is powered by an electric motor, positioned in a mid-rear position. Behind the bench seat, we can find 24kW/h lithium-ion battery that will provide a driving range of 100 miles. The base motor will be capable of producing 148 hp and 167 lb-ft of torque. The acceleration from 0-60 mph is just 5 seconds. Three battery-charging methods are possible: the first is a standard charge that uses a conventional household plug, the second method is a fast charge that uses a 400V three-phase current while the third method is a fast battery switch appreciation to the Renault’s Quick Drop technology.

Renault DeZir Concept rear
Renault DeZir Concept – Price and Release Date:

This model debuted at the Paris Auto Show back in 2010, but there is no official information about its future production. Unfortunately, we don’t have any information about its price, but we believe that this model will be very expensive, but if you just look at it, you realize that this is so normal.

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