Renault Sport RS 01 Specs, Top Speed

The approaching Renault Sport RS 01 is a replacement for the Megane Trophy in the Renault World Series. According to Renault, the most recent model is almost second quicker per racing kilometer than a McLaren 650S, GT3-spec Ferrari 458 or Porsche 911. This model is expected to be constructed using the carbon-fiber monocoque chassis and thanks to that fact the total weight of the vehicle is reduced and the top speed and acceleration are improved. Some of the things they have to do are to add some weight, about 50 pounds, and more than 100 ballast. More interesting things about this remarkable racing car in the next review:

Renault Sport RS 01 front
Renault Sport RS 01 – Exterior and Interior Design:

The exterior design of the most recent Renault Sport RS 01 is phenomenal and everything from the outside is made to improve speed and performances. The large air intakes fitted into the front bumper are very useful especially in the racing car like this. These intakes very successful cool the engine and enhance its performances. Furthermore, the front grille has big Renault diamond logo on the center just to be recognizable on the race. Some of the GT3 standards must be met if you want to race, so the Renault swaps the carbon-ceramic brake out for steel rotors and also decreased the effectiveness of aerodynamics pack up to decrease downforce and enlarge drag. Also, the Company jacked up the ride height. What the Renault did here is just the contradictory of what nearly all automakers would get their car up – or in this case, down – to racing spec. According to pictures, the anticipated Renault Sport RS 01 comes in black-yellow color. We don’t have official info about wheels but we assume that engineers have to follow some rules about this and according to pictures they are quite large. At the back, we can notice enormous spoiler that certainly improves aerodynamics and top speed.  To get approval from the Federation Francaise Sport Automobile (FFSA), the modified package undergoes testing at one circuit in the south of France. The interior design of the resulting sports car is the same interior like in almost every racing car in this segment.

Renault Sport RS 01 interior
Renault Sport RS 01 – Engine and Top Speed:

Underneath the hood, the forthcoming model is powered by a 3.8-liter twin turbo V6 borrowed from the Nissan GT-R but dry-sumped and producing 466 lb-ft of torque at 5,000rpm and also very good 542 hp at 6,800rpm. The transmission system for this model will be seven-speed Sadev sequential gearbox. The top speed of this model is rated at 189 mph while for the acceleration from 0-60 mph we don’t have official information. Perhaps is better to see that acceleration directly in the race.

Renault Sport RS 01 rear
Renault Sport RS 01 – Price and Release Date:

The Fully built and prepared to race, the recent Renault Sport RS 01 with local taxes costs around $280.000 – $350.000. This model is constructed for competing in Renault Sport Trophy this year, or more precisely six race weekends and several test days.

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