Subaru Viziv GT Concept

The approaching Subaru Viziv GT Concept will be a unique supercar that will provide stunning performances and more attractive appearance. This is probably the most aggressive vehicle ever designed from Subaru. The engine capabilities of this exceptional vehicle are excellent, and this car provides pleasure in driving. Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo Concept is the main rival to the Subaru Viziv GT Concept and bearing in mind that Mercedes set the high standards, we anticipate very promising and exciting battle between these two remarkable vehicles. The most recent Viziv GT is a big desire of all enthusiasts of the supercars, but this is not surprise considering its unique appearance as well as stunning performances. The next review will show us more interesting facts about the new Viziv GT.

Subaru Viziv GT Concept front

Subaru Viziv GT Concept – Special Features:

The exterior design of the latest Subaru Viziv GT Concept is very appealing and so attractive. Although this model is the most aggressive vehicle so far from the Japanese automakers, engineers did their best to keep it recognizable as a Subaru. The future model borrows some styling cues from the Viziv 2 Concept as well as from the WRX Concept. The hexagonal front grille will be very nice with the Subaru logo in the middle while the hood will contain two big air extractors. The latest LED technology will power the headlights and the taillights, and it will be boomerang-shaped with slight modifications, from the crossover. The wheels will also be very similar to the Viziv 2 Concept, and it will be 20 inches large. At the back, we can notice huge spoiler that will certainly improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle which also means more speed. The beefed-up fenders, the flat roof, and the sloping hood will certainly enhance its sleek and aggressive look. The fog lights powered by the LED system and the large air intakes will be fitted into the front bumper, and it will serve their purpose very well. Entire chassis of the anticipated Subaru Viziv GT Concept is made using the lightweight materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber.

We don’t have official information about the interior design of the new Subaru Viziv GT Concept, but if we have to guess, we predict that the cabin will provide a lot of high quality and lightweight materials. The cabin will have plenty of racing gear including a flat-multi-function steering wheel, bolstered seats with multi-point harnesses, an exposed floor, a full roll cage and a lot of carbon fiber and aluminum materials. The interior will be probably one of the most extreme interiors ever seen in Subaru.

Subaru Viziv GT Concept interior

Subaru Viziv GT Concept – Heart of Vehicle:

We wrote that this model is the most aggressive when it comes to its exterior design, but its engine also reveals it is the most powerful Subaru so far. The resulting model will be powered by a 2.0-liter flat four and two electric motors, one for each axle. Together with the electric motors, the engine will be capable of producing 591 hp and 593 pound-feet of torque which will be enough for some quick laps. The acceleration from 0-62 mph will be 3.6 seconds while the top speed will be around 186 mph.

Subaru Viziv GT Concept rear

Subaru Viziv GT Concept – Predicted Price and Date of Launch:

The release date of this model was at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show, but unfortunately, this will remain just the concept car, and there will not be the production of this model. Also, the price is unknown.

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