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2017 Acura NSX Top Speed, Price

There is a model which will show that not only Porsche and BMW capable to create an extra fast sports car. This is the 2017 Acura NSX. Elegant, with attractive appearance, excellent performance and a surprisingly strong engine, this car will be comparable with the best in the category. It is believed that it will be the biggest rival to Audi R8. Considering this, it is clear of what kind of model we are talking about. It was first introduced in 1989 at the Auto Show in Chicago, marked as NS-X. This acronym was an abbreviation of the words new, sports car, experimental. Sometime later, the model has minimally changed its name putting away line between letters (NSX). In 2011 was presented the second generation of these great cars, but its production began in 2015. These two generations are drastically different, both in appearance and in the engine. The new model is expected to win the hearts of drivers who enjoy adventure, speed, and who like challenges. Whether this will be achieved remains to be seen.