Yamaha Sports Ride Concept Car

When Yamaha revealed its Yamaha Sports Ride Concept Car at its biennial Tokyo Motor Show in October 2015, the automotive world was set abuzz with excitement. Unlike previous concept cars, the Yamaha Sports Ride Concept Car was seen as a step forward in terms of design, performance and driver experience. Utilising the unique iStream system of famous F-1 Designer Gordon Murray, this unique car was touted as a super lightweight vehicle that could break through the, “final frontier in the automotive industry” of significantly reducing carbon emissions without sacrificing vehicle performance. Of course, there are many individuals who would rightly point out that such a vehicle remains nothing more than a mere ‘concept’, and to an extent they would be right. However, there are many more who would suggest that the Yamaha Sports Ride Concept Car proves that such a car not only exists, but looks set to enter the automotive market in the not too distant future.

Yamaha Sports Ride Concept Car FRONT

Yamaha Sports Ride Concept Car – Exterior and Interior Design:

The Yamaha Sports Ride Concept boasts a wholly futuristic exterior. Despite being relatively small in size, with dimensions comparable to the Mazda MX-5, there is no denying that its overall design is big in character. Sporting large wheels, stylish hood and streamlined shape, the Yamaha Sports Ride Concept Car delivers a sporty look that gives it an aggressive and masculine vibe. Furthermore, many have positively commented on how this car’s design successfully manages to seamlessly integrate both the front and rear lights and the exhaust system into its unique look, making it both quirky and aesthetically pleasing.

Much like its exterior, the interior of the Yamaha Sports Ride is the very definition of style. The character mustard leather seats compliment the rugged leather and metal combination of the dashboard, steering wheel and accessories which are no doubt influenced by the car’s focus on delivering a ‘sports ride’. The dashboard looks to be easily accessible and is without too many high-tech gadgets and distractions, thus allowing the driver to fully focus on driving.

Yamaha Sports Ride Concept Car Interior

Yamaha Sports Ride Concept Car – Engine and Performance:

As of writing Yamaha remains tight-lipped about an engine for the Yamaha Sports Ride. All that is known is that the car will have a front engine rear drive setup, which when combined with the ultra light carbon chassis will give the car amazing driving performance and fuel economy. It is worth noting that it is rumoured that Yamaha will put one of its own powerful bike engines under the hood of this concept car that will drive the rear wheels via a chain. This has not been confirmed however.

Yamaha Sports Ride Concept Car REAR

Yamaha Sports Ride Concept Car – Release Date and Price:

As is the case with most concept cars, no actual release date has been given for the highly anticipated Yamaha Sports Ride or for that matter a price tag. Some would suggest that this is evidence enough that Yamaha have no intention of actually taking this car to market. However that being said, the fact that it exists even in ‘concept’ form, is a strong sign that it is primed to be released into the automotive market at some point in the future. Judging by the positive reaction it has received following its reveal at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015, a release date for the Yamaha Sports Ride Concept Car may yet be closer than first thought.

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